Lessons Your Way

Schools and students aren't all the same; neither should lesson plans be. Write your own customized lessons, with quick drop-down menus to save time.

Scheduling Made Easy

Whether your schedule is daily, weekly, or a rotation, CS Music Teacher can handle creating repeated class events. Link to your original lessons, copy from one to another, and keep track of where you left off in previous days.

Video Demonstration

Learn about all the key features of CS Music Teacher.

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Search lessons for any key word.

Find the lesson you need right away. Search for musical elements or other key words to sort through your list.

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State and National Standards, just a click away!

Keep your curriculum aligned with state and national standards, without having to hand-write or copy-paste.

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Repeated classes on your schedule.

Create a 3-day, 4-day, or any other rotation schedule. Select active teaching days, so the rotation skips holidays. Shift all classes forward by one day in the case of a snow day.

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Keep track of your classes.

Whatever lesson you are working on, keep track with a simple checkmark, then pick up where you left off!