Thank you for purchasing Creative Sequence Music Teacher!

When you first begin CSMT, you must register with an email address, username, and password. This is to allow us to backup your lesson plans in the cloud, and let you access them from any device. It also allows you the option of sharing lessons with others, and accessing shared lessons.

Once logged in, you will see the welcome screen. The first step before using CSMT is to customize your experience, so click on the Settings button.


There are many options in settings.

  • Fonts – Adjust the size and font of the app to suit your taste. By default, CSMT uses the Optima font at 16 points. iOS default font is also easily available.
  • Grades – Activate only those grades you teach, to avoid having to scroll through other grades.
  • Elements – Choose the elements of music that you use to categorize objectives. If you don’t see the element you want (e.g., Texture, Dynamics), you can add them in the “Other” field below, separated by a comma and a space.
  • Media – Exactly like the elements, customize and add the instruments or other media you use in your classroom, and remove the ones not needed.
  • Standards – Choose from accessing the National Core Music Standards (nationalartsstandards.org) and/or your state music standards. For state standards, you must first toggle the switch on, then select a state. If you don’t see your state listed, please email Tim at tim@cedarrivermusic.com and request to have them added. (If you have a link to the state standards website, that is helpful!)
  • Sharing – There are two important pieces here. First, the Author Name is how your lessons will be identified when you print a PDF and if you share them with other CSMT teachers. This should probably be your real name, as opposed to your username. The toggle switch, Download Shared Lessons allows you to view other CSMT users’ lesson plans. This does not automatically share your lessons; you can choose to do that (or not) on a lesson-by-lesson basis.
  • Password – If you want to change your password, please use these fields. You should receive an email confirming the change, and you will probably need to log back into CSMT.

Once you are finished with Settings, return to the home screen and choose the Lesson Book tab button. This will open a list of grades. Choose All to see all your lessons and shared lessons. (When first opening, it may take a few seconds to download and sync lesson lists).


On the lessons page, you have the option of Add New Lesson, selecting a lesson, or Edit (delete lessons). You also have a Search bar that allows you to search your lessons and shared lessons for any key words (rhythm, style, pitches, etc.).


Select Add New Lesson to open up a blank lesson template. Here is a list of the options/features:


  • Edit/Done – In the upper right corner is a button that toggles editing mode. When starting a new lesson, the program defaults to editing mode. However, when you return later, editing is toggled off to prevent accidentally changing a lesson. Simply press the word Edit to begin editing again, and press Done when finished.
  • Share – This toggle determines whether your lesson is shared with other CSMT users. It is suggested that you finish the lesson before sharing.
  • Fields – All fields can be typed in with the keyboard. Some default to a spinner first, such as with GradeElementMedia, and Process (Standards). You can always override the spinner by pressing the keyboard icon and type in your own information. In addition, the < > buttons will help navigate from one field to the next.
  • PDF – Next to the Edit/Done button at the top is an icon of a paper document. Click this to open a PDF view of your lesson plan. Within the PDF view, there is an Activity icon at the top which allows access to sharing via email, Google Drive, Dropbox, etc. You can also print lessons from this menu.